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泊まる メインイメージ 泊まる Hotels

Nagaragawa Onsen (Nagara River Hot Spring) consists of seven ryokans (Japanese style inns) and hotels that are characterized by their own unique appeal.
They serve guests exquisite palate-teasing cuisine distinctive to Gifu such as fresh ayu sweetfish dishes.

Hospitable and Relaxing Seven Accommodations

  • アイコン説明
  • 温泉
  • 日帰り入浴
  • 美濃薬膳
Gifu Grand Hotel

Urban resort hot spring hotel with a spectacular view of the clear Nagara River and Gifu Castle

648 Nagara, Gifu City TEL(058)233-1111

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 67, Single 7, Twin 61, Other 9

Usho no Ie Sugiyama

A traditional ryokan owned by a distinguished family carrying the prestigious Usho lineage

73-1 Nagara, Gifu City TEL(058)231-0161

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 44, Twin 1, Other 1

Nagaragawa Hot Spring Ishikin-Ryokan

Quaint ryokan located alongside the beautiful Nagara River and nearby Mt. Kinka

112 Nagara, Gifu City TEL(058)231-8156

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 15

Gifu Miyako Hotel

Enjoy quality time at this high class urban hotel.

2695-2 Nagara Fukumitsu, Gifu City TEL(058)295-3100

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 2, Single 26, Twin 141, Double 6, Other 17

Hotel Park

More than 120-year-old hotel associated with a Nobel Laureate in Literature, Yasunari Kawabata

397-2 Minato-machi, Gifu City TEL(058)265-5211

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 55, Twin 9, Other 12


Cozy, traditional restaurant and ryokan filled with warmth from its wooden features and Japanese atmosphere

1-15 Omiya-cho, Gifu City TEL(058)262-2292

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 8


Long-established, elegant ryokan founded in 1860 dating back to the Edo Period

10 Minato-machi, Gifu City TEL(058)265-1551

Room-type Legend

Japanese-style 105, Single 2, Twin 4