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まち歩きガイド Strolling Guide まち歩きガイド Strolling Guide

Sightseeing tips and signature spots in the surrounding area

Sneak peak of town attractions
Daytime Promenade through Tradition and Culture (2 to 3-hour course)

South side of the river

Daytime Promenade through Tradition and Culture

This course explores the neighborhood of Kawara-machi. If you make a reservation beforehand for an antique kimono rental and fitting at Organ Kimono, you'll find wearing a kimono in the traditional atmosphere to be quite exhilarating! Other recommendations include the "mizu-uchiwa" (water fan) craftsman shop, as well as shops offering various souvenirs unique to Gifu such as "ayu-gashi" (Japanese style sweet in the shape of ayu sweetfish) made by long-standing wagashi (traditional Japanese sweet) shops, Japanese sundries at a Japanese style cafe, and hors d'oeuvres prepared by an ayu specialty restaurant. Another interesting spot in the area is Koshindo Temple where you can find a statue of a monkey hidden there.

Then extend your walk to Nagaragawa Flavor, a stylish mall of 6 shops, and visit a gallery there to feel the warmth of various goods made of wood produced in Gifu.

(For lunch, try "Bourdonne," a cafe and restaurant that evokes the atmosphere of Japan from the Showa Period of a few decades ago, and their refined daily lunch. A gathering spot for local "ladies" )

Gifu Great Buddha is a paper-mache, dry-lacquered statue covered with paper of Buddhist scriptures, and is regarded as one of the 3 major statues of Buddha in Japan.

Finally, take a break at Yajima Coffee, a cafe known for its delicious coffee, to wrap up the stroll.


Kawara-machi (Organ Kimono)
Nagaragawa Flavor
Gifu Great Buddha
Yajima Coffee

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Recommended Courses for Strolling