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まち歩きガイド Strolling Guide まち歩きガイド Strolling Guide

Sightseeing tips and signature spots in the surrounding area.

Morning River Run (1-hour course)


For active people, early morning running would be enjoyable. Since Gifu is known as the birthplace of Ms. Naoko Takahashi, a gold medalist in the women's marathon in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the city built a marathon course named after her on the riverside. For long-distance runners, there are very unique concrete embankment structures called "tatami-tei" on the south side of the riverbank between the Kinka and Chusetsu Bridges. In the event of a flood, neighbors take out their tatami mats and insert them into the slits created on the structures, using tatami mats to block flood water.


Nagara River (sunrise)
Takahashi Naoko Road
Kinka Bridge/Chusetsu Bridge (tatami mat dike)
Footbath (7:00-20:00)

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